There are millions of table tennis players all over the world. Only a few make it to Top 10 on the World Ranking. We are glad to be able to present some of these players below, but also some ambitious very young talents, which already belong to the best players in their country or even Europe/the World.


World Class Players

Thousands and thousands of articles have been written about the best table tennis players in the world. Most of these articles reflect on the players‘ performance in tournaments. Maybe sometimes the reader gets some background information on the players‘ lives and career progression.
Yet the game itself and the players‘ personal development are hardly ever mentioned.
At Compass we turn our focus in this direction as we try to answer that crucial question: what exactly made a particular player so good?

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Players age 12-15

During the period between 12 and 15 years, young players will develop their own way of playing, which shall make them competitive. This personal playing style will open up for momentum in their long term development, and enable them to proceed towards a successful phase as junior, and later to reach their full potential as a senior.
But how to combine the time-consuming efforts at the table with other parts of life that increasingly demand attention? At this age, friends, schools, other hobbies, boy-or girlfriends exert a powerful pull.

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Players age 8-11

It is at this age that most table tennis players start to play competitions. The matches can show us a lot about what areas of their game need more attention. The players also start to discover new dimensions of the game. They start opening the many small doors to the sport’s secrets, the joyful rooms of spin, speed and placement – and the endless combination in between. Some of them get really hooked by what they experience. They do not want to do much else than play. Meet some of them here.

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