Eslöv is the dominating table tennis club in Sweden. Young talents move there with their whole families to develop their skills.
Howcome is Eslöv such a magnet?

A competent team of coaches. Unlimited access to practise.
A club with players of all kind of levels up to top 20 in the World.
Therefore Truls Möregårdh and Nomin Baasan moved to Eslöv to develop.

Truls Möregårdh, 15, and Nomin Baasan, 13 are both Swedish champions in their age category.
Both have high goals and stake hard to improve their skills at the table tennis table. And they have parents willing to sacrifice a lot to fulfil these ambitions. So willing that the families gave up their lives in their home towns to move all the way to Eslöv in the southern part of the country.


Why? How could a small with some 18 000 inhabitants be such a magnet for gifted young players and their families? Because the town´s table tennis club provides a very fruitful environment for development:

…families gave up their lives
in their home towns
to move all the way to Eslöv.

– right conditions from the early start to world class.

Eslöv has a project recruiting players in the nursery schools. They are one of the best Swedish club among youth players. They are ruling male and female national team champions. The tradition is strong: the men have become Swedish Team champions 12 times the last 13 years – the women four times out of the last five. The club´s player range from beginner to top 20 in the world.

– coaching team with competence for all stages.
Peter Sartz is a former national coach and sport director in Denmark. During this time he was forming 2009 European champion and 2005 Worlds bronze medallist Michael Maze. In Eslöv Sartz is in the hall working every day, when not being away on travels with his part time job as Sweden´s women national coach. Beside Sartz works Peter Andersson, also a part time Swedish male national coach, and his brother Mattias Andersson, responsible for the male team. And last but not least Li Fen, the 2013 European Singles Champion, who takes care of the females in the club. In the Eslöv team there are also some more table tennis coaches, plus one physio therapist and a physical coach.
Each talent has an individual set up for training and competition.

– good sparring and possibility to reach the hall every day at any hour.
Besides a number of first class players in different age categories Eslöv also has Xu Hui, a Chinese who lives in the town together with his family since many years and still plays on a top 20 -level in the world. On the women side Matilda Ekholm, currently ranked number top 20 in the World, lives and practises in Eslöv. Two strong role models – and training partners.
Any player can practise at any time, the hall is open 24 hours daily, 365 days a year. 

– a group of players that pushes each other to improve.

With a lot of ambitious players in different ages and on different levels of playing skill, there are always groups to join and other club members to play at any phase from beginner to star.

– very good connections to schools and nursery schools
In Eslöv young talents move to the town also from neighbour cities because the club and the school cooperates well. The players have the opportunities to practice once a day during school time from 10-11 years old.

– sustainable passion for the sport.
Eslöv has a determined and passionate will to develop the club with the players, embodied of the Chairman Thomas Andersson. Once achieving a former goal, immediately a new one is set and concrete worked on.

Future challenges

The current challenges to fulfil – for reaching the next level – is to:
– professionalize the business and back office part;
– find more resources to employ more coaches, making each of them focus their work on a smaller group of players;
– build a new hall to develop the club´s academy, and for installing the latest digital technics for use in the table tennis training.
For an ambitious hardworking talent, who loves to play table tennis and wants to optimize his or hers potential, Eslöv is a place to be.

Eslöv provides a very fruitful
environment for young players
with high ambitions.