A player´s development does not just happen. It´s the result of work. And success is the result of a long-time preparation.
The outcome of this development work depends on many circumstances – inside the player, the practicing partners, and the coaches. Not to mention the impact of the surrounding. And, most importantly, how all these things interact in a synergetic way.



Sweden once was the best table tennis nation in the world. Three times in a row from 1989 the male team captured the World Championships gold medals. Jan-Ove Waldner became World singles champion twice and Olympic Game singles winner once. Jörgen Persson beat Waldner in the Singles final at the Worlds in 1991.

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How young players develop

Das 7-Faktoren Profil eines guten Tischtennistrainers

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Player in the centre

The level of the world’s best table tennis players is very high today and will be even higher in the future. Les mer

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Spieler 12-15 Jahre

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