Compass believes that a new approach is necessary to help young table tennis players on the long path to becoming top international players and challenge Asia.

To reach this goal, it is necessary to:

  • build a system, where kids get early (5-7 years) acquainted with TT.
  • build a structure which makes it possible for motivated kids and young players to do the right things at the right time until they reach the top.
  • find coaches with enthusiasm, which have or are motivated to get the knowledge how to help a player to develop to international level.
  • help the players to learn to think for themselves and take responsibility for their own development.


There are millions of table tennis players all over the world. Only a few make it to Top 10 on the World Ranking. We are glad to be able to present some of these players below, but also some ambitious very young talents, which already belong to the best players in their country or even Europe/the World.

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For the simple reason that the top level of and the demands to players in international table tennis are getting higher and higher, competent and enthusiastic coaches are today much more important for the development of young players than in the past.

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A player´s development does not just happen. It´s the result of work. And success is the result of a long-time preparation.
The outcome of this development work depends on many circumstances – inside the player, the practicing partners, and the coaches. Not to mention the impact of the surrounding. And, most importantly, how all these things interact in a synergetic way.

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